Wednesday, December 04, 2002

"Of mirth, madness and melancholy..."
I haven't written anything for a loooong time now. Close to a month I guess. Sorry about that. Just got caught up with a few things. Like shifting my house. And that was a nice experience to say the least.

Its been a week or so since I shifted my house and I still suffer from the after effects. We shifted from a house on the third floor with narrow flights of stairs to a house on the second floor with VERY narrow stairs. So narrow if you stand still for a five minutes you could get an asthma attack. Sort of a brief walk through a submarine on the way home. The house is nice though. Very big and roomy. Which does not mean I have space for visitors, but only that if you do want to come and stay over the weekend, I can avoid you if I want to. The toilet stinks of something dead. Now I know most toilets stink, (thay are supposed to...), but this one is not a stink, it is a smell of decomposition. Something is dead somwhere, thankfully I can't see it. So to get over the stench I bought an Odonil and hung it in the bathroom. Now it smells as if the creature which died ate nothing but oranges for a year immediately preceding his unfortunate demise. But its better than before. I hope.....

The ordeal of carrying furniture, and books and clothes up and down stairs in quick succession drove me nuts. Parts of me pain that I never knew existed before. I can count all the bones and most muscles I have. They all ached. For a few hours after the shifting it was symphony of agony running up and down my body. The next day in the office every click of the mouse sent needles of pain up my elbow. I couldn't work at all. Besides I didnt have anything to do either. Wonder how the quality control guys in mouse manufacturing companies cope? They'd have to click all day.... Hell I suppose the real good mouse click testers get promoted to track ball rollers and finally to touch pad feelers. They then become management and make other people click like hell.

Which reminds me, when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist. If that didnt work out I wanted to be a air force pilot. Now that I have become what I am, I enjoy the best of both worlds, I am dirty all the time, and I have fire coming out of my backside always.... I am not complaining.....

And to part, Micheal Jackson went to court a few days ago. No not for a concert stupid, for a trial. I have a brief excerpt from his questioning:

Late in the day, Miller asked Jackson if he suffered from memory problems.

"Not that I can recall," Jackson responded.

That should be one of the most stupid things I have heard ever..... and that should keep you happy for a few minutes atleast. Take care all of you and God Bless....

p.s. As many of you might already know, a very good friend of ours, Avinash Rao passed away on Monday. He was close to many of us, and was the life of many parties and gettogethers. In your moments of joy, spare a thought for his soul and his loved ones. Do put aside a special little prayer for his family and for Avinash himself. He shall remain with us forever in our memories and thoughts. And do drive safely all of you, life is a gift, keep it.

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