Thursday, June 17, 2004

Its a wonderful day...

Just back from my first class... and for the next I have to read a paper called "Differentiating antecedents of organizational commitment".

Two minutes into the paper I come across this staggering bit of prose:

"The purpose of this paper is to examine the value of March and Simon's motivational framework in clarifying the relationships between commitment antecedents and the two commitment dimensions. This framework is then used for construct validation of the two-dimensional organizational commitment measure."

I am sure the author must have cracked his "Written Analysis and Communication" course out of shape. There is no justice in this world.

However I thank god I don't have to read any of these.

Yesterday while crossing a road in front of the dorm the thought suddenly struck me. Suppose I could control nature. Stop traffic when i wanted to. Life as a super hero would be nice wouldn't it?

Rest assured as the thoughts develop you all will know first. The next post is either that or a piece called "Brilliant Russian Football". Both complete fiction of course.


roses said...

HI Sidoo...
How are you?
Thanks for the kisses.. Hershey's! Thanks for the link on Winners of the Fourth Bad Writing Contest. More and more to read.. mmmm.. life IS good.. :)
Btw, is there a email id we can mail you to or can your valuable readers only post comments..?
I think you should write the Super Hero one next...

Anonymous said...

Boy... you already have girls falling all over you. Truly maximus.

newt! said...

hmm.. someone has a thing for someone else... ;) successful internet romances are going up, may i add.

btw, remember the bad sex writing award which our own aniruddha bahl won? that was pretty hilarious reading too:,6109,1099719,00.html

Anonymous said...

Know what...the super hero bit has been playing around in my mind for a long time.
What if I had psychic powers, what if I could will things to happen…?
That sure would be one interesting scenario.
And the first thing I would with my psychic powers would be to shower my boss with bull crap at the opportune moment when he's giving us all a lot of crap in team meetings.

Anonymous said...

hi sidin,
i was browsing around a few days ago and came across "The Travails of Single South Indian men of conservative upbringing" or "Why we don't get any..." mentioned in some other blog.i found the piece hilarious, havent had that many laughs in many years.i was up the whole night reading all your other postings.being a southie(mallu brought up in hyderabad) i could relate to most the stuff that was mentioned, but u left out the, u missed out on some of the lengthiest names u can come across.real gems.growing up i had friends who had atleast 2 initials in their names. names like k.v.s.r prasad when stretched out wouldn't fit in a normal application form.
keep up wit ur postings.u got yourself a lifelong fan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sidin,

Came across your posting on Southie names and, like others who have written in, found it a laugh riot! Being a Tamilian with cousins who have just about escaped the worst ones and yet manage to not get any ..., I know just what you mean. Of course, I also need to contest your claim about us southie babes - with a name like Roopa, I have lived in the shadow of the undie( didn't quite come out the way I wanted it to!) for as long as I can remember!

Anyway,keep us posted with these deep insights. What about a piece on the Amdavadis.. I am dying to have a good laugh at them.Have you seen Dev at Fun Republic ! Thye crowd response to the Muslim bashing will make you speechless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sidin, Parthasarathi here, albeit a Valluri not Venkatachalpathy!!I was forwarded your blog about travails thing. Needless to say i was thrilled to bits and it was heart warming to find someone who could elucidate my heart rendering travails :).Anyway YOU'RE GOD as far as blogging goes man!!Later!!!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blogs...and you are pretty hilarious!!! Your "the travails..." blog appears to have reached far and wide...and thats how I got to your blogsite! anyway...i had been pondering about starting a blog myself...however to merely log in i had to go through the arduous task of finding a user should be glad you have the name you have...cos I tried all sorts of combinations with my name, surname, pet name, pet's name.....before i got accepted. so congrats on a great job blogging and cheers to the name sidin!

Anonymous said...

banshee screamer

dude, ur blog is good fun. been checkin out ever since a friend forwarded the travails... its kewl.

ok, now, where do u get that dammmn banshee screamer alarm, have scoured the net but cant find a good download url for the bleddy alarm anywhere. all i get is the 404

its close to 2 a.m and am up, online, trying to download the screeeeeamer!! duuuude, am losing sleep over this, tell me where i can find it phulizz


p.s: update ur page on ryze

BlueGlacier said...

Reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes:
The purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure pure reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little pratice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!

Anonymous said...

I was actually looking for the blog that had something to do with 'sharvarmas'. Didnt find it. So posting the comment for that in this... yes, I am lazy :)
Here it comes ....
'thalatha' = 3 but you translated it as 4. Wahed, itneen, thalatha, arbaa..

Anonymous said...

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