Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interactivity thy name is commenting

This blog is now officially replying to comments. Atleast as much as it can. This decision is in effect retrospectively from the last two posts or so.

Also if you see me on MEEBO do say a hi. I am feeling all interactivity-like.

Still looking for swanky blogs for design inspiration. Tell tell.


Deepak Panigrahy said...

try voice message as I have a one at my blog...

T|tto said...

One of ur senior(vineeth, dont know weter u remember)showed me ur blog
Now started xplrng :)
Since ur a professional blogger i feel u can move on to typepad or wordpress to do the blogging rather than using the template given by blogspot :)

T|tto said...

i am trying to find one of ur blog related to thrissur n pavaratty.But cudnt, stl xplrng , xplrng
It's difficult to search...
There shud be an archive vr we can jus type some keywords and find that topic ??? donno weter blogspot is supporting...
Lemme find out :)

Bhargs said...


haha.. THAT fast ? :)

and that's my official comment here!

Arun said...

Some fresh designs

HP said...



Ujj said...

thy decision to blog furiously.
Gods great.

SEV said...

Too bad I kinda went from commenter to lurker mode as far as blogs go..

Scout said...

still looking for ideas? i thought polka dots was it. believe me it's the best to stick to basics.

Velcro said...

Again. Polka Dots on Domain Maximus would look as if you were protesting the ousting of Indian Cricket team from the World Cup. And wouldn't you be loosing your number of visitors counter if you change to a new template?Whatever. I wouldn't know the gibberish coding lingo anyway. Hopefully it wont be a Polka dotted template. I would stop advertising your blog then.

She Who'd Rather Not Be Named said...

Umm Hello,

You can StumbleUpon ( Neat lil' thing to put on your blog!


ps: mes liketh urs bilog :P

Abdulla syed said...


Things I would like to see are.

1. Your old polka dotted background.
2. Selective Comments.
3. A section on daily news as IndiaUncut.
4. Humor section.

Sidin said...

@deepak: voice messages? as in i can get readers to listen to me breathing deeply? I like!

@titto: I remember Vineeth very well. He once brushed his teeth with fair and lovely! Ask him.

@titto: there is an archive. must be two years old. let me find it and tell you.

@bhargs: BOW

@arun: danke schon. very nice. very complicated. will take inspiration!

@hp, ujj: indeed. I hope I can keep it up though!

@sev: (cant help it but...) SEV puri thaakath se koshish karo. and become a commenter again!

@scout,velcro: basics it shall be. basic. but classy. maybe a little purple. and orange. and electric blue. but thats it.

@at unnamed: checking it out. any particular thingie I should use?

@abdulla: everything you say is on the agenda. but blogger is a little painful to do all that. conteplating a wordpress migration.

Anonymous said...

the stumbleupon buttons maybe... to share your dicoveries and faves.

dharmabum said...

omg sidin, whatever has come of u man, replying to comments and all?

Vineeth said...

Hi Son,
yeah titto had a word with me..!!! I was mentioningg him abt the blogs u have written abt Trichur Puram and Pavaratty Palli perunnal.

So ny plans to come down this time for Trichur pooram..!!! :)

T|ttozz said...

Just read your ""The Fart of War" or "How to win bonuses and influence top management"
" in the yr 2004 :)
Especially hahaha ( bloody idiot )
N 2002 stuffs like bathroom stink and erin sandwich, jus LOLs... :)

Sidin said...

@dharmabum: The public demands it. I merely accede. Besides I heard that little thing you said about the missing zing bit. Hmm...

@Vineeth: Appa! No plans yaar. Need to do some travelling on work. Such is life. Hope the wife and kids are good!

@titto: very very thanks!

dharmabum said...

u heard? how come? boy, i'm surprised.
but don't let this publicity gimmick ('public demands', like u say) fool us into believing that the 'zing' is back, ok? ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a very bad feeling about this whole 'this blog is officially replying to comments'. There seems to be a lot of hidden intensions as to why you are actually replying to comments what dharmabum says - publicity gimmick ... started off with HTML articles for Hafta ..what next ?

harsh said...

You can try out some of the new templates here...but they're too personal... dunno, whether would suit your blog. Check out.

ankurindia said...

i think staying on blogspot is ok too

Priya said...

aah~y the word verification~what abt half blind ppl like me:(

lol~juskiddin~btw,i jus redesigned the look of maah blog..y is everyone referring ur blog to me:wonder: