Friday, May 16, 2003

And what if I dont want to be a hero....?
Read this anybody? BBC news has an interesting story on the Jessica Lynch episode. I dont like great fables being proven otherwise but this one real hit my all top high for things going yuck all of a sudden.

Had a terrible few days with the dentist. I had a whole collection of last molars which went bad. He did more cutting and mining in my mouth than those ancient egyptian guys making one of those ultra confusing tombs. At one stage he actually stuffed a grinder into my mouth and a ground a filling down. Theres still some work left to do... I have hajaar medicated bits of bad cement swising around my mouth as I er.. type...

Went for a buffet at a place here, lots of arabic food and some Indian and Chinese things thrown in for the masses... They had an arabic dessert called Ummali which though it tasted like soggy corn flakes in milk, really caught my fancy. I basically hogged on lots of vegetables and that heavenly mediterannean dish called Humus. Excellent stuff, click on it to get a recipe. Pretty healthy too. Atleast I hope it is.

Got a bit of fanmail for the blog over the last few days. Guys do me a favour and spread the news will you, I just hope that publisher out there is looking for me.....

Be with the force all.

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