Monday, May 19, 2003

A little more ice perhaps...
Yes sirree.... Just back from X Men 2. Umm... yes decent movie, the Nightcrawler sequence in the beginning was pretty cool. The special effects were nice. The movie has a lot of things going for it, and a lot of things against it too. But then this is not Gone With The Wind Part two, and you do not expect an Oscar winning performance.... Watch it for a purely escapist experience. If you want anything truly ground breaking keep reading my blog...err.. I mean watch the LOTR trilogy or the Matrix movies. Can't wait to watch Reloaded, though somebody told me it should be Matrix Overloaded. But who cares, if the Star Wars junkies can watch Parts One and Two and actually think its serious Sci-Fi stuff, whos blaming me for being a Matrix nut....

Went to a bookstore to check out some MBA type books, at those prices you can only afford them AFTER your MBA... So finally settled for a discount cheap edition of a book on Saatchi and Saatchi. (point to note: Discount and Cheap). Thats when a jarring image caught my eye. There was a poster of Harry Potter right next to a flier for a Saddam Hussein book. And they were each looking at each other.

Saddam:"Young boy, I dare you to find me....."
Potter:"Recardim boom bast leviosa....."
Saddam:"Egads, moustache is gone...."
Sahhaf:"These western dogs do not know the power of the Iraqi body hair..."

Good night....

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